Boost interaction between
your residents, their families and your teams

A family gazette that will bring joy to your residents

Thanks to Famileo, all the members of a family can send news to their loved one in just a few clicks. At their end, Famileo collects all the photos and messages to lay them out in the form of a personalised paper gazette. The community just has to print them out and distribute them like mail.
What a joy for your residents to feel surrounded by their friends and family! The gazette will also become a new source of interaction among your residents and your whole team. Especially for people for who access to language is a challenge.

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A tool to enrich communication with the families.

With Famileo, available for mobile or computer, you can communicate easily with your residents' families. Easily share photos of an event; an outing, an everyday instant or your activity plans... Thanks to the "community wall", families can discover their loved one's daily life despite the distance. Getting to know the weekly activities at their place of residence will also strengthen the quality of interactions during family visits and gatherings.

Put an internal newsletter together in a jiffy

Putting an internal newsletter together is often a long and tedious task for your teams. With Famileo, easily create your bulletin in under 15 minutes. In it you can share: your news and photos of activities, games, poems... for your residents' delight but also the families', and those who support your activity (volunteers, sponsors, financers…). The page layout is automatic and you are free to edit it as you please. Every week, every month, or for a special occasion. You are the editor in chief! It is so easy you can even get your residents involved in the editorial board. They will be proud of the result!

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An innovative communication solution
at the heart of your community

A joy for your residents
Richer interactions between staff and families
Quick and easy to use for your team
Understand it all in 2 mins

Famileo, is already here

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Set up Famileo in 4 steps



The community subscribes to the Famileo service. We then create the accesses and profiles that will allow you to access your community's Famileo account from our website or from the AnimeoPro application.

pro community famileo account

Personalised training

Your team will receive training at a date of their choice.
In addition, you will receive a personalised communication pack: tablet, totem, flyers, posters… to communicate the service easily to the families.

Personalized training over the phone from our famileo team

Family registration

A family code is generated for each resident. Pass the code on to the families so that they can sign up for free with just a few clicks.

famileo flyer for family registration

It's your turn!

Print out out your residents' gazettes.
Feed your news feed easily.
Create your newsletters in just a few minutes.
Our customer support team is on hand should you need help.

printer for residents' gazettes

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