For the past 3 years, we have been following the
dream of connecting generations more closely.

Digital for some, printed gazette for others, everything is done so that your family can share moments from their daily life with joy.


It all began with a personal story. Tanguy’s story; a grandson who struggled to keep in touch with grandmother Elisabeth as she does not use the Internet. Inspired by the era of postcards and family albums, he was wondering how he could send her family news easily. He had the idea of editing a monthly newspaper written by the whole family on their mobiles. Elisabeth was very pleased! Her grandsons were too, as they could send their photos of their daily life in just two clicks.
Armel joined the project and together they first launched Famileo for French care homes. This was the beginning of an exciting adventure.

50,000 families later

Grandparents are delighted. It has been a long time since they received this many pictures and messages from their children and grandchildren. Families are also happy they can share more with their grandparents as well as read news from the rest of the family.
The gazettes are welcome at family gatherings! After 3 years, 50,000 families in France have preserved or reinforced the special bond that unites them with Famileo.

Across borders

Thanks to great reviews from expat families, people are hearing about the Famileo gazette in places all over the world. It already makes grandparents smile in more than 50 countries.
Thinking bigger? Our team is embarking on a new adventure: launching this heart-warming idea in new countries. After all, all grandparents deserve to receive regular news from their family, wherever they may be! With Famileo available in English, Spanish and Dutch, our gazettes can now fly towards new horizons.

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