Behind the gazette :

40 co-workers with the family spirit


Working at Famileo is like being part of a team, like being part of a family. A family that brings together people who have the same values. The joy of thegroup, of the enterpreneurial challenge and a solidarity too. This family is growing fast. Every month, new team members arrive from a part of France (or elsewhere) with their talents and enthusiasm. Today, we are 40 co-workers, based in Saint-Malo and Barcelona, working to prove that distance can do nothing against those who love each other.

At your service

Maybe you had the occasion to write a message or to call us ? You might see that we are always here to answer your question, solve your problem and support you in the handholding of the your family gazette. Our customer support team, with Clémence, Thomas, Charlotte (x2!), Marine, Pol, Pascaline and Kelly is in the heart of our office. A team related to the others for a permanent information et a better coordination.

Because we tell you everything:

  • At Famileo, many co workers have family relationship. Perhaps to confirm that we are a big family.
  • The IT team is called "the t-shirts". The cliché persists for no reason. Who never wears a T-shirt?
  • Nobody in the team is called by his real name : Bob, Milouche, Hortie, Jack, Orsy... the nicknames are blooming. Just like home.
  • In 6 years, we bought around 784 chocolate mousse pots, ordered at least 1000 time at the asian restaurant around the corner. And to finish, daily breakfast with french bakeries.
  • Sport is not a recruitment criteria, but very often you can see us doing some running, surf, Stand Up Paddle, tennis or football as much as we can.
Now you understand why...
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The Famileo team

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This is important to us that you know the values that guide our actions.

Our story

It all began with a family story. It's now your story we have been printing out every Monday for 6 years.