Togetherness, accessibility, commitment:

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The strength of connections

Famileo is above all a story of connections. Connections that unite people, bring them closer and break the loneliness. We are committed to helping you connect with your loved ones so that you can maintain, enrich and protect your relationships. Our team is connected around our mission and with our users with whom we connected over the years.

This sense of connection is precious and allows Famileo to grow, following our intuitions, your feedback and your requests. You are our best ambassadors, since many subscriptions are thanks to your recommendations. Famileo, it's you. Thank you!

For everybody

Famileo is not a luxury. Its vocation is to unite. In order to allow everyone to subscribe and find their way around, we had to define a price that was as low as possible and build a solution that was easy to use. It is sometimes complicated to make it simple but today we are proud to offer a service that can be used by everyone from, 7 to 97 years old (or even older) at such an affordable price. Bringing you together, uniting families despite distance whether due to circumstances, age, disability or even detention, is our main ambition.

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Our team

It's a big family that - thanks to you - continues to grow. Find out about the team behind your gazettes.

Our story

It all began with a family story. It's now your story we have been printing out every Monday for 6 years.